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Ultimate Spiderman: Venom (Alt. story) Part 3
(This is a rewrite as the last one, well, I accidentally deleted its contents)
    With the symbiote in control, all Peter Parker can do now is watch and regret his earlier actions. Venom actually shrunk and punched the wall its cocoon is stuck to, shattering the cement into pieces with their immense strength. Venom web-swing them back home, to Aunt May's house. "We're safe now," the symbiote consoles.
    Feeling control over his body again, Peter immediately falls to his knees and Venom's "jaws" opened up showing tears streaming down the teen's face. "I shouldn't have kept you that night, I shouldn't had even try to use you to try to find out what happened, I almost killed two people!" Peter lamented. 
    The symbiote on Peter's upper half of his body detached itself and looked back at him, psychically consoling the teen,"It was never intentional Peter, it was a side-effect of our ever growin
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Ultimate Spiderman: Venom (Alt. Story) Part 2.5
    After throwing everything into a final struggle, half of Peter's body from torso up emerged from the symbiote. "Eddie, help me! I'll explain everything later, pull me out!" The teen yelled at his childhood friend. Eddie Brock, stricken by fear at the sight of Peter emerging from that writhing mass of symbiotic goo that made up Venom, panicked and ran to his dorm, barricading himself up in it. Peter, who saw Eddie fled cried for his friend's help but soon gave up, the symbiote attached tentacles onto its host's torso and head and pulled it back in and Peter soon drifted into sleep from exhaustion while Venom piloted them home. Meanwhile, Eddie was muttering and stammering to himself on that night's events until exhaustion overwhelmed him......
The Next Day......
    Both Peter Parker woke up thinking that what happened yesterday was a dream and he knew where to meet just to talk about it. At the hallway, everything was normal until he saw a police tap decl
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Ultimate Spiderman: Venom(Alt. Story) Part 4
Peter's Voice/Thoughts:    
    That night when Peter was sleeping, he had nightmares, nightmares of chaos and destruction caused by the bond to the symbiote, death to everyone he knew and cared about. And his symbiote-covered hands are drenched in blood, he felt "anger" in his heart disappear. The memory of the chaos they caused nights ago still terrified Peter, he acted irresponsibly then, but now he made up his mind.  He forced his body to the power station where he will try to use the high voltage from the generators to weaken the symbiote to tear it off, a nasty gamble that could result in Peter's death if he overestimated. As Peter finally arrives at the power station, he psychically commanded the symbiote to reveal his face which it did as tentacles that once made up their mask opened up, showing the brunet's face as he admire the view, taking in a deep breath before going on to accomplish his goal. He could feel fear building up in both him and the symb
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Ultimate Spiderman: Venom (Alt. Story) Part 2
    Both Peter Parker and Eddie Brock woke up thinking that what happened yesterday was a dream and they knew where to meet just to talk about it. At the hallway, everything was normal until both characters saw a police tap declaring the lab as a crime scene. They heard nearby students say that a mysterious thief stole some experiment and attacked someone. They deduced that the events last night was true, unfortunately. Luckily, the school was not bothered to install a CCTV there, so Peter and Eddie was saved. They went outside to apologized to each other about last night and thought of an idea. Peter brought Eddie to Dr. Curt Conner's lab and asked if he could remove and got rid of the symbiote he was bonded to. Dr. Conner was a lowly paid scientist in reality not a professor at a government lab like he was dreaming of, when Peter asked again.
    The scientist asked to see the symbiotic form so Peter summoned the symbiote but Peter instead became a muscular Spider
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Ultimate Spiderman: Venom (Alternate story) Part 1
   Peter Parker snuck into the lab to complete his father's experiment, a symbiote like suit for curing Cancer. He scooped a spoon full of it and poured it onto his hand. Nothing happened after a while but suddenly, the sample grew and covered his hand and continue growing. It seeped up his arm and continued expanding. Peter tried to fight back and get rid of it but the symbiote covered him and turned itself into a cocoun. Peter broke out and the symbiote turned itself into a dark purple coloured Spiderman suit(the symbiote in the ultimate universe is purple in Peter's era) . 
    Peter fought crime for 2 hours wearing this suit and then he saw a robber, shoot a mother of a young nearby child, and escaped. Peter was enraged and chased the robber as it reminded him of Uncle Ben's death. As Peter confronted the robber, the symbiote took over and turn a original sized Spiderman into the  monsterous Venom. When Peter said, " I want your blood!! I want ..." The
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The Spectacular Venom Chapter 3
~Chase on the Skyscrapers~
   Max's viewpoint:
    "What is the thing!? Why can't I move!? Why can't it stop!? Where is it taking me!? Get OFF ME!!" Max screams underneath the symbiote as his curiosity and fear turns into anger.
   Spiderman/Peter's viewpoint:
    "Why is Venom back, didn't the cleanser separate Eddie Brock and the symbiote and kill it? Oh right, the symbiote went down into a sewer so that it could cleanse itself instead! That could be Eddie bonded to the symbiote and causing chaos as Venom!" Peter thought to himself and realized.
    Leaping, web-swinging and running quickly with the aid of the enhanced speed and reflexes, Venom managed to cause some chaos to distract Peter whilst increasing the distance between them by one block. Spiderman/Peter however, had to save citizens constantly and eventually he lost track of Venom and eventually gave up the search. 
   Back to Max:
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The Spectacular Venom Chapter 2
    It's only been a few days since the latest ex-Kingpin of crime had been taken down and now he's swinging towards a crime scene in a neighborhood in ....... Queens, New York.
    "Here of all places," Peter thought to himself as he swings to the crime scene. His Aunt May lived nearby the crime scene so this troubled him as well as the fact that he had to get the scoop by noon or risked getting fired.
    When Peter finally arrived there, he quickly wore his casual clothes on his costume and found the scene sealed off by police tapes and a detective leading someone into an ambulance. Other than that, this looks like your everyday crime scene. He approached an officer and said;"Hey there, I'm Peter Parker, a journalist from the Daily Bugle and I'm here to report on this murder, sorry but can explain to me the whole situation?"
    "Multiple homicides with both victims beaten up badly and dragged around the house, then th
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The Spectacular Venom Part 1
  While the symbiote was bonding with Max, he was having both a dream and nightmare, he dreamt that everyone in the world turned on him and was abusing,no, torturing him but then a black figure walked from the crowd towards him. It did not speak but Max somehow knew that it was there to liberate him from his own hell and Max gladly jumped at the chance to finally be free. Then the black figure turned into a series of claws and leaped at Max, covering him in a black skintight suit, then Max went insane, killing everyone in sight.
    After the bonding process was complete, the symbiote made Max walk to his mirror for it to inspect its host. Max has a medium built body, for now, hazel colored hair and eyes. Then suddenly Max mentally forced the symbiote to obey his commands but this was different than a normal mental order, Max was still asleep and the symbiote had no control over this as that order was made of all the repressed hate and rage the teen contained w
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The Spectacular Venom - Prelude
  It slithered swiftly through the sewers, impatient and hungry for a "real" host this time as the beggar it bonded to was'nt very delicious. After being separated from Eddie Brock at thel battle at Midtown High, the symbiote was moving through the sewers, attempting to find a host good enough to get itself somewhere close to Eddie so that they can be Venom once more. Then it sensed it, a being nearly filled to the brim by repressed hatred, whoever that is, the symbiote would definitely consider the future host's hatred second to Eddie Brocks own hatred as the alien is loyal to hosts that treated it well.
  It slid through a series of winding pipes and out of a tap, then the symbiote "looked" about, sensing the new environment after getting out of the stinking sewers (no offense)
and discovered that it was in a bathroom, more specifically the basin of the bathroom, and that it's new prey/future host was nearby. Crawling nimbly down the basin, the symbiote advanc
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